Thursday, August 03, 2006


I can't believe it, nearly everything yarn I entered in the County Fair took a ribbon! (And it was all loom knitted.) For some reason, I feel vindicated about the sweater. Maybe it's because I worked so hard on it. The pattern for this will be in my book Learn New Stitches on Knitting Looms due out in late December.

You saw this hat in progress a few days ago. Here's how it looks finished. (Recognize that white ornament in the background? That's my prototype for the free pattern on the website!) I wasn't even going to enter a hat, as all my show choices are with my editor right now, but I finished this up at the last minute. First place was a mohair & ribbon yarn combination. I think it has more eye appeal than my entry. Anyway, look for the pattern for my hat to be on the website next week.

I loved designing this scarf. It's available in the Three Scarves pattern on the website. Not only did it take a blue (best in the scarf & shawl class), but it got a purple (best in the knitting division)!

My skirt and shell top set took third and second in their classes ("not specified" and shell top/vest),

my kitty (in the novelty yarn class) didn't place at all, and my adult-size basic e-wrap Thick and Quick afghan rightfully took second to this beautiful basketweave baby afghan.

This is my favorite of all the yarn entries, a felted basket. I haven't been that attracted to felting, but this reserve champion piece could sure change my mind!


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