Thursday, August 16, 2007

Latest Find

Here's my latest thrift store find. This little loom appears to be hand made, judging from the marks by each peg and the lack of manufacturer's ID. What's interesting is the pegs on each board are offset, which definitely affects the wrap patterns. This is the first loom I've used that didn't have some sort of cap to the top of the pegs and didn't have a groove in the side of the pegs. It was easy to adapt to pulling the loops from the side of the pegs. I usually insert the hook tool point up into the bottom loop and bring the loop out and over the peg. Now I understand why some people insert the hook tool downwards into the loop and use a wrist motion to twist the tool to bring the bottom loop over the top loop and off the peg. Without having a peg cap, the top loop slips off very easily otherwise.


Blogger Jennifer M said...

I love that you found that in a thrift store! I also love to loom and I am very close to you! I live in Golden Valley!!! I just started to blog but have been looming for quite awhile.

8/17/2007 2:39 PM  

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