Thursday, August 17, 2006

Bow stitch and book update

My editor identified the stitch my Grandmother used for the purse; it's called a bow stitch. She gave me directions for needle knitting, and I managed to recreate it on the loom.

Some updates on my upcoming book: The wholesale release date has been moved up to December 15! Before Christmas! It probably won't be in stores before Christmas, but it will be available for purchase. I'll be setting up advance order capability on the Loom Knitting website.

Because of space considerations, several projects needed to be cut -- a hat, a scarf, and the sweater. The publishing company owns the rights to those patterns, so I can't make them available. They could show up in a future book or magazine though...

I've had lots of ideas for new stitch patterns for the looms. Here's one I think is a keeper:


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