Thursday, November 09, 2006

Rice Lake KidStop

I had such fun this afternoon showing elementary school kids grades 3-6 in the after-school care program what can be done with the round KK looms. They were so enthusiastic about loom knitting! They had all each made several projects already, mostly using the stockinette (flat knit) stitch with worsted weight yarn to make hats and scarves. They'll learn the e-wrap stitch next, and they can't wait to get started.

I brought in samples of easy projects using the e-wrap stitch -- a variety of hats, tube, flat, and magic scarves, several ponchos, an afghan, an ornament, a purse, and more. They loved modeling everything! I also showed them different types of yarns and talked about when they might want to use them, or not use them, and when they might want to use two yarns together. The girls especially want to make ponchos with fun fur!

I've been working on a mitten pattern for children, as I've had so many requests for that. My main model, my 11 yodd, has hands larger than mine, so she's no good for this project. I made a small sample mitten last night, and had several kids try it on today. I'm glad I also brought my adult-size samples! Most of the kids liked the fit of the extra-small and small adult mittens. I now know what modifications I need to make for the "child" sized mittens, at least those of early elementary ages. Next is getting sizing for preschoolers and toddlers. Fortunately, I have access to some of them too. ;)


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