Thursday, December 21, 2006


I worked with a couple great groups of 4th - 6th grade kids today. School wasn't in session, but these youngsters came in for a day of activities that included candlemaking, origami, and loom knitting. Due to a miscommunication about starting time, and sleeting/snowing weather, I missed the first part of the first session, but one of my frequent students at Michaels was one of the teachers for the loom knitting sessions, and she got the kids started with the basic e-wrap stitch. When I arrived, I showed them how to turn around at the sides to make flat pieces. I tried a new way of explaining it, which went over very well with the kids. It was fun to listen to it be interpreted as end pegs can be lonely (one loop), and the other pegs get partners (two loops).

With the second session, we made I-cords. Some became flowers, and some became Christmas trees. This group had quite a few boys, and their I-cords got tied into loops that they wore as necklaces. One girl, who had been needle knitting since she was four and wanted to learn to make socks, wanted to make a hat from her I-cord, and she completed about half the I-cord needed to coil around someone's head for a decent sized hat. The prospect of stitching all that I-cord together didn't phase her at all. I bet it will be a great hat.

I really am impressed with how easily children can learn to use the looms. Their skinny little fingers fit between the pegs so easily; I'm sure that helps them wrap the yarn around the pegs. They seem to have less problems switching between clockwise and counterclockwise wrapping as well. And they're very creative. I always learn something from them.


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