Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pidge Precursor

Denise posted about the Pidge pattern and I did a double take.

I had unearthed a very similar picture earlier in the week, except it was of me nearly two years ago, and I was wearing a similar "unique and elegant" piece of knitwear. I know that picture is old, because my hair is shoulder length now, including the bangs!

Both items are loom knit. I think the Pidge is double knit on a double rake; mine was made as a flat piece on a round loom. I wore mine quite a bit, since my winter coat is wool and itches my neck. The mini-scarf is definitely comfortable, but I didn't think it was worth writing up a pattern for. I pinned mine closed, though I do like the buttons.

So, knit a short scarf, with two button holes (eyelets) near one end. Wrap the mini-scarf around your neck matching up the corners in a point, figure out where the buttons should be and sew them on. Use any yarn you like. I used a single skein of an orphaned novelty yarn that was on clearance in the Fall of 2005. (My cost was $2.00, not the $275.00 - $425.00 on the 3Fe site.) If you want more details on how I made this, let me know.


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