Monday, February 11, 2008

KISSing cables

I had a goal when I was visiting Graciela: to knit a cable using the KISS loom. There had been some discussion among KISS loomers about whether it could be done. Of course it could; I just had to do it for myself.

In some ways, cables are easier on KISS looms than regular looms. I found a cable needle wasn't necessary to hold loops while they are trading places. I just put the loops on the pins on the back board, moved the adjacent loops onto the vacated pegs, then moved the loops being held on the pins to the remaining empty pegs. Graciela did show me a trick which applies to cables on any loom -- e-wrap the pegs that have loops that will move. That gives a little extra length to the loops, making the stretch go a bit easier.

The only glitch with the cables is the crossover portion happens between the pegs and the pins, so the knitting doesn't easily slide past the pins. Not a big deal -- after I knit a couple more rows past the crossover, I just held the loops on the pegs with a finger of one hand, and lifted the crossovers behind the pins with the hook tool.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anne Thank you again for some great information on using the Kiss loom. Your tips really help out.

2/20/2008 12:26 PM  

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