Saturday, November 17, 2007

Long Loom Purse #2

I incorporated the changes I mentioned with the long loom purse demonstration project for the Michaels Yarn Event on Sunday, and finished the purse at the Class Preview today. I used a lucet cast on, and a single knit bind off, which made for equal stretch for the top edges. For the seam up the sides, I did crochet slip stitches on the right side of the purse. The "crochet braid" blended right in with the knit pattern and looks much nicer. I crocheted extra single stitches for the loop closure, so the button could be lower on the body of the purse. And I strung a package of matching beads on the yarn for a beaded handle, which I like MUCH better than the bulky 4-peg I-cord. I didn't put a lining in it, but if I were to use the purse, I definitely would, so the contents wouldn't stretch the purse out of shape.


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