Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Any Loom, Any Yarn, Any Size Sock!

Yes, it's true, with this pattern you can make any size sock with the yarn and loom of your choice, with the caveat that the loom is able to be adjusted for the number of pegs in use. I can't tell you how many socks and sock parts I've knit to create this pattern. Really, it's a template, and it works like this.

1. Knit up a gauge swatch with the loom and yarn you want to use to make your socks. Measure the rows and stitches per inch.

2. Look at the (included) table to find the measurements that correspond to the shoe size of the intended sock wearer. You can make socks for an infant, a grown man, and any foot size in between all from this one pattern.

3. Plug in the numbers to make a few calculations. These calculations will tell you how many pegs you'll need and how many rows to knit for each section of the sock.

4. Write the results of the calculations in the pattern itself.

5. Cast on and start knitting!

The socks are made toe up (no seams!), and the toes and heels are knit with Japanese short rows. They're very simple to do (no wraps and turns like other short row socks!) but they do require some stitch markers -- little coilless safety pins work really well, since you'll be marking stitches, not pegs.

You can individualize these socks with coordinating heel and toe colors, changing leg length, amount of ribbing at the top, etc.

I hope you enjoy this versatile template pattern!

Head Hugger at LKC

The Spring 2009 issue of Loom Knitters Circle is now available, and it includes my pattern for a Head Hugger winter hat. It's not yet spring weather here in MN, and we still have days where such a hat is welcome, but you can always get started on next winter's knitting too! Unless you live in the southern hemisphere, then this pattern is here just in time! It's a portable project, so go check this out and all the other new patterns too.