Sunday, November 25, 2007

KISS vs. KK Gauge

Many of us started to learn to loom knit with the KK looms, so the obvious question is: can KK patterns be knit on KISS looms?

This swatch shows that the KISS looms can handle bulky yarns. The yarn I used was from my stash with no label, but I believe it's Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick. I modified the wrap method to use every other peg, and two pins per peg. The top section is done with the KISS loom on Setting 2, the middle section is done on the round yellow KK loom, and the bottom section is done with the KISS loom on Setting 3.

On Setting 2, the gauge is 3"= 6-3/4 stitches and 11 rows.

On the yellow loom, the gauge is 3" = 7 stitches and 11 rows.

On Setting 3, the gauge is 3" = 5-1/2 stitches and 8 rows. (Setting 3 is only possible when knitting flat pieces, not in the round, because of the placement of the bolt holes on the boards.)

Your results may be slightly different, but a close approximation to the yellow KK loom is to use Setting 2, maybe with a spacer or two, and the modified wrap method.


Blogger Connie said...

Love all the info your giving on these looms!

11/25/2007 8:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anne Thank you once again for giving us information to use while using our kiss looms. Wish you would publish another book.

12/05/2007 1:25 PM  

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