Monday, November 19, 2007

Suzie Snowlady Class

I am teaching an online class with the Yahoo group Loom Class next week (starting Nov. 26) for Toni Girt's snowman pattern, with Toni's blessing. I knit one up last week, and it was a real hit on the demo cart at Michaels this week-end. I used pony beads for the embellishments as that's what was easily available at the time. A couple young girls decided it was a girl, because of her pink and purple hat and scarf, and they named her Suzie.

I did deviate a little from Toni's pattern. If you leave a long tail with one of the yarn strands when casting on, you can use it to gather the bottom of the snowman/lady closed. At row 22, I put in a lifeline, which delineated where the neck would be. I used a 4" styrofoam ball (with the plastic wrapper still on it so it wouldn't catch the yarn) for the head, and a 5" ball for the body. I used the lifeline to snug up the neck in between the two balls by pulling it to gather the knitting somewhat, then tying it in a knot. The scarf is a 2-peg I-cord.

To help make the snowman/lady stand, whack the body's styrofoam ball hard on a flat surface to create a flat section on the ball. Or, don't gather the bottom of the body, and let the curled cast-on edge be a base of snow that helps support the body to stand upright.

This is an easy, simple, fun project suitable even for beginners that will add some festivity during the holidays and winter season.


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